Pumpkin Season 2022 


​Pumpkins Open...

Thursday 1-5

Friday 1-5

Saturday 9-5


​​Pumpkin seeds are ordered in the early part of the year; this ensures that we are able to get just the right variety of seeds for our pumpkins.

               In June, the seeds are planted and grow until October harvest.

Each variety produces a different type of pumpkin.  We have small, medium and large sizes for carving.  Then we also have "pie" pumpkin for cooking.  They make wonderful cookies as well as pies!


In addition to our pumpkins we have a variety of gourds.  They range from larger, "bird-house" ones to smaller multi colored, multi shape ones.  Two of the children's favorites are tiny orange "ornamental" gourds and tiny "baby boo" white ones.


Our wagons offer rides to and from the pumpkin patch during October.  This is part of the fun experience that the customers enjoy!

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