Windy Knoll Farm currently grows two varieties of trees.   Both varieties of trees have an excellent needle retention.

                  It takes approximately six to eight years from a seedling to grow a six foot tree.  Upon planting the seedling, they require year-round care.  They are on a constant maintenance program which protects against insects and disease.  

                   Also, every tree is shaped each year by hand to retain a conical tree shape. 
                  They are either White Pine trees which have a long, soft needle


                     Pictured above:White Pine

We also have Scotch Pine trees which have a short, stiff needle.   

                  Pictured Above:Scotch Pine
              Once you arrive to choose and cut your tree, you will be greeted, given a hand bow saw and offered a wagon ride to the fields.  After selecting your tree and cutting it , someone will tag your tree and then you and your tree can ride the wagon back from the field.

               Your tree will then be unloaded from the wagon, placed on a tree shaking machine, netted and then secured with twine to your vehicle.

               You may see pictures of the experience getting your tree at the bottom of this page in our slideshow!

Picture Below: The Christmas Cottage!


Once you have returned home with your tree, we suggest that approximately 1" be cut from the trunk and the tree placed in water.  If you do not place the tree inside at the time you arrive home, the tree should be kept in a cool place away from wind and sun.  

              When you bring the tree into your home, again remember to make a fresh cut of the trunk.  Be sure to water the tree and keep it well watered.  Do not let the tree stand run out of water as this will cause the trunk to seal over.  Should this happen, the tree will no longer "drink" water.  This is what causes the tree to dry out.

             Since our climate will not allow us to grow Fraser Fir trees, we do receive a shipment of pre-cut fir trees from a friend who grows them in the Blacksburg area.  

            For additional information on Christmas Trees pricing and hours we are open, please see

             Also, fresh greenery wreaths are available