For Years and years, Windy Knoll Farm has prided itself on 'choose and cut' experience. 

In 2017 due to several years of great support and demand (thank you) our fields were not as plentiful with options as we would like.  Also it takes several years for newly planted trees to be mature enough to cut; because of these things we brought in pre-cut trees to choose from.

In 2018 that supplier is now gone out of business.  Our 'choose and cut trees' still need some time to grow; so unfortunately there will not be a 2021 Christmas Tree Season at Windy Knoll Farm.

We're very sad about this and thank you all for your support thus far.  We look forward to being open as soon as possible. 

We'll see you again in 2022 for Blueberries, then sunflowers and Pumpkins

However, the farm is open for pre-arranged photography sessions and special events.  Please contact us for arranging these events. 

Also freshly cut white pine greenery is for sale, please contact us by phone (804-730-TREE) for additional details.

Thank you!

Windy Knoll Farm