For Years and years, Windy Knoll Farm has prided itself on 'choose and cut' expereince.  In 2017 some things will be a little different and some things will be just the same!

In 2017 we will not have any 'choose and cut' trees.  Due to several years of great support and demand (thank you) and the fact that it takes several years for newly planted trees to be mature enough to cut; we will be bringing in pre-cut trees to choose from.

These trees will be well taken care of and kept watered until they are picked by you for your home.

The trees we will have are:

Frasier Fur trees:

We will have 6'-7' foot Frasier firs for 85.00

We will have 7'-8' foot Frasier firs for 95.00

We will have White pines (this is one of the styles of trees that we have grown here for years):

We will have 7'-8' White pines for 75.00


                           White Pine branch                                                              Frasier Fir branch

                                              So that is all that is difference, no 'choose and cut trees'

Here is what is the same!

Still the same great friendly folks on the farm, that make it a great place to visit!

Still the ability to take a wagon ride tour on the farm

Still Windy Knoll Staff will shake the tree, to remove loose branches and debris

Still Windy Knoll Staff will provide a fresh cut to your tree

Still Windy Knoll staff will provide twine and secure your tree to your vehicle

Still the best 'experience' to have with the family as you choose the perfect tree!

The Windy Knoll "Christmas Cottage"

Pictures from around the farm!


              Windy Knoll greenery