We're very excited to bring this new experience to our Windy Knoll guests!

We are selling these by the quart.  Just like Pumpkins and Trees and it is a 'experience.'  You get to go out and hand pick your own berries.

We're providing quart size containers for you you to pick the berries and take home.

The Season for blueberries is the month of June (or until gone!)

With Blueberries from Windy Knoll:

       You get to pick as little or as much as you like

        You don't have to worry about how long they have been sitting around in a store; they cant get any                  fresher than when you pick them yourself!

        You get the opportunity to add this experience to your family trips at Windy Knoll, as with Pumpkin and           Trees--Kids are welcome.

        You are supporting a local farm' right here in your community!


Windy Knoll has seven (7) types of berries planted.  We have early, mid and late season varieties.

To see info on pricing and hours...

Blueberry Season 2021...opening June 3, 2021!!

Coming Soon!